Vision for 2025

Beta Rho’s Vision for 2025

Capital Campaign Announced to Fund Renovations to the Chapter House

2017 is here, marking 100 years of Beta Rho at Montana State University. Since 1917, the Beta Rho brotherhood has created lifelong friendships, leadership experience for tomorrow’s leaders, and a place to call home on the Montana State campus. As alumni, we have all benefited from those who made the first 100 years possible. Brothers, the time has come to turn our attention to the future of Beta Rho and the next 100 years of Sigma Chi at Montana State.

2025 Vision for Beta Rho
In order to secure the next 100 years, Beta Rho leadership has put together a comprehensive plan to be fully achieved by 2025. This plan is called the 2025 Vision and encompasses new goals, new requirements, and guidelines.

The 2025 Vision includes five main goals.

  • Fully recapitalized and modernized chapter house
  • Newly funded chapter advisory and training program
  • Sustainable fundraising plan for future house maintenance
  • Energized and active alumni base
  • Top undergraduate chapter aligned with chapter alumni, Sigma Chi, and University guidelines

Number one on this list is a fully recapitalized and modernized chapter house. In its current state, the chapter house does not meet the demands of today’s members and places Beta Rho at a competitive disadvantage with other recently renovated fraternity houses and University residence halls. The chapter house plays a pivotal role in Beta Rho culture and the time has come for a major investment in our 55-year old home.

In the face of a competitive nature of the fraternity community at Montana State, our active chapter continues to thrive. Our brothers have received a Peterson Significant Award four out of the last five years, recruited 19 new members this fall, bringing the chapter total to 85 men, and are making a difference in the community through ongoing philanthropy work. These men have already stepped forward and committed to Beta Rho’s vision for 2025 with a significant undergraduate contribution. With an active membership so clearly dedicated to success, we have a responsibility to provide them with a chapter house indicative of the excellence our brotherhood has attained.

Chapter House to Receive Renovation
With these needs in mind, we are excited to announce our capital campaign, Honoring Our Past 100 Years: Beta Rho’s Vision for 2025. After much planning and evaluating, we have decided to renovate the current chapter house with a design plan that focuses on enhancing competitiveness, sustainability, safety and accessibility.

In the coming weeks you will receive additional information detailing the project, campaign, and ways in which you can help. We hope all our alumni will join us in stewardship of the Beta Rho house.

In Hoc,
Campaign Chairmen
Norm Achen ’66

Richard Dissly ’66


Click here to read the campaign announcement newsletter.