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Pledging Sigma Chi is a process of learning, inspiration and achievement; it does not include degradation or humiliation. While each pledge must complete the learning process which leads to initiation in Sigma Chi, that is accomplished only in a positive and constructive manner.

Completing pledgeship is the only way a man can become a member of Sigma Chi. There are no honorary memberships. The procedure for pledging Sigma Chi includes the rush period, receiving an invitation to pledge (bid), and installation.

Jim Palmer, Arizona State ’67
Major League Baseball Player & Sports Analyst
“You have to be honest, have integrity and be able to cooperate and get along with other people. Sigma Chi is a great place to learn that, and that’s why it’s a great thing to join a fraternity.”

Daniel William Cooper, Miami 1857
One of the Founders of Sigma Chi
“I trust the Institution will never be belittled or disgraced by any unbecoming stunts or low, mean performances which endanger limb, life or morals. It is too good and splendid to be mingled with anything low or debasing.”


Academic achievement is the main reason people attend universities. This statement is reflected by Sigma Chi. Sigma Chi stresses the importance of academics by awarding scholarships to reward brothers for their scholastic achievements as well as maintaining an atmosphere that encourages studying. Sigma Chi has won several “Top GPA” and “Top Pledge GPA” awards.

In the last two years, the Sigma Chi Foundation has awarded more than $2.5 million in grants and awards.

Lod Cook, LSU ’49
CEO ARCO, 12th largest US industrial corporation
“What has impressed me most throughout the years is that I have never met a Sigma Chi whom I didn’t think was a special person. I am proud to be a Sigma Chi.”


Sigma Chi is very active within the intramural sports program. From football and basketball to darts and pool, Sigma Chi takes home more than its fair share of victories. The intramurals program offers a way to compete against other fraternities as well as non-Greeks. Every intramural event is worth points to the fraternities. At the end of each year, a trophy is awarded to the fraternity that earns the most points.

Community Service and Campus Involvement

Among the greatest benefits and most important purposes of Sigma Chi is to offer service to the community. Through numerous service projects and philanthropic efforts every year, the Beta Rho chapter of Sigma Chi raises money to help disadvantaged children and families. We also contribute our time to make a difference by serving as mentors, tutors, and agents for strengthening our community.

A Sigma Chi acknowledges and accepts personal responsibilities to his family, to the community in which he lives and to those who are less fortunate. A Sigma Chi voluntarily contributes his time, talents and resources to help build a better society.

CMN Shodair Hospital The brothers of the Beta Rho chapter of Sigma Chi continue this tradition of helping others in the community in a variety of ways. Sigma Chi’s international philanthropy is the Children’s Miracle Network (CMN). Through various fund-raising activities Beta Rho donates annually to Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Gallatin Valley Shodair Children’s Hospital in Helena, Montana, our nearest CMN affiliate. Our biggest fund-raising event is Derby Days. To date the various chapters of Sigma Chi have donated over $3 million to CMN affiliate hospitals. Beta Rho donates more than merely money. Our members help in a variety of ways by donating time. Some of the most rewarding are the Big Brothers/Big Sisters and CAP Mentor programs where our members donate their time and help children of the Gallatin Valley.

Members of Sigma Chi also volunteer in service projects in the community. We feel that this service is an enormous benefit to the community and to our own lives.

ASMSU Mortar Board Whether it be an honorary, special interest, recreational or leadership organization, you will find a member of Sigma Chi. Beta Rho is a leader on campus as well. Our members are active in a wide array of campus organizations and activities. Currently we have members leading ASMSU, Montana State’s student government and IFC, Montana State’s Interfraternity Council, to name a few. Golden Key Beta Rho members belong to many departmental and non-departmental honor societies on campus such as IFC Mortar Board, Golden Key, and Order of Omega. Our members are also involved with campus religious organizations and churches. Order of Omega

Merlin Olsen, Utah State ’62
Actor, Television Sportscaster & Pro Football Hall of Fame Member
“Sigma Chi was a learning experience for me in personal growth, in finding out more about myself, in shaping my life more effectively, and in directing my energies more efficiently. All of those things were heavily influenced by my Sigma Chi experience. There is no question that it has had a tremendous impact on my career professionally, and on my life.”

Social Aspects of Sigma Chi

Sigma Chi offers many social events including sorority functions, dances, camping trips, weekend road trips, banquets, alumni events, bowling, scavenger hunts, and rafting. These activities offer a wide range of socializing with alumni, women, university faculty, Sigma Chis from other universities, and each other.

Tom Selleck, Southern California ’67
Television & Movie Actor
“I made some very long-lasting friendships with Sigs in college…a lot of them have lasted to this day, and are a very valuable thing to me. The Fraternity has meant a lot to me, and the Ritual is very, very meaningful to me.”