Joining Beta Rho

Here at Sigma Chi, we believe that college can be a time of personal growth and we recruit men who adhere to this belief. We seek men who strive for excellence in all walks of college life, including academics, athletics, extracurricular activities, and excellence within the fraternity. With nearly 100 years of brotherhood at Sigma Chi, we look for members who strive to keep the legacy of our chapter young, alive, and on the continued path to success.

Greek life at Montana State is only a small portion of the overall student population, yet the campus involvement and excellence shown by Greek chapters in Bozeman, Montana, is above and beyond. Greek members have, on average, higher GPAs, more community and campus involvement, and higher graduation rates. If you find interest in a lifelong brotherhood and a leadership opportunity greater than anything else you can experience in your college years, consider joining the Beta Rho Chapter of Sigma Chi.