Floor Plans

Upper Level and Third Floor Dorms

Upper level and third-floor dorms will see sweeping changes as brothers’ rooms and bathrooms are modernized throughout. Coupled with modern finishes and important safety measures, including sprinklers and updated wiring to accommodate the number of devices todays students bring to school, our undergraduate brothers will have a safe place to call home, study, and socialize.

First Floor

The main entry level will mirror the significant updates to the brothers’ rooms and bathrooms, and boast a brand-new kitchen and dining room. Adding a safe and modern entrance to the home for brothers to dine together is a priority. The main level renovation also adds a lift to comply with ADA accessibility for brothers and guests on the south side of the house.


The basement makeover will feature a revitalization of the chapter room to better suit ritual and meetings with more space. The brothers’ rooms on the first floor will be more inviting with the same updates made on the second and third floors, ultimately creating a space our undergraduates want to live in-attracting and retaining more upperclassmen and leaders.

New wiring, plumbing, HVAC, and structural upgrades throughout will round out the total renovation and create a safer Beta Rho house. Replacing all the windows will help offset the increasing cost of utilities in the future. An exterior renovation aimed at fixing gutter and siding issues and a re-leveling of the parking lot will improve curb appeal and reduce drainage problems.