William Lewis Lockwood
One of the Founders of Sigma Chi,
[To Eta Chapter, October 15, 1857]
“When you first put on the ‘dear old cross,’ you will create quite a sensation. In whatever part of the U.S. you may go, you will find no handsomer pins, and I trust and hope that those emblems of purity will be indices of the purity and nobleness of the hearts beneath them. We should endeavor so to raise ourselves that to say of a man, ‘He is a Sigma Chi’ shall be synonymous with, ‘He is a liberally educated, high-minded, pure and noble man.’ Such are some of the objects of our Society. The world is in great need of just such men, and let all who go out from our chapters be such men.”

Franklin Howard Scobey
One of the Founders of Sigma Chi,
[To the members of Alpha Chapter, 1855]
“We shall form a fraternity on the principal that the adequacy of the fraternity lays in the opportunity for the building of a well-rounded and symmetrical development of individual character. There must be in a fraternity the expression and bond of friendship; at the same time, each must be free in the pursuit of his chosen ideals.”