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The Beta Rho Chapter has seen yet another successful year, filled with a generous amount of community service projects, philanthropic events, and awards won by our brothers. This year started off strong, and we have continued to take every opportunity available to increase the unity of our brotherhood and become a driving force within our community. This was recently exemplified when Montana State University awarded our chapter the House Cup, which is given to the Greek house that shows the most outstanding support and involvement within the campus community. We are very pleased with the amount of success we have seen from our brothers and look to build upon it to continue to grow stronger.


Out of all our brothers’ most recent accomplishments, none are more impressive or selfless than their immense increase in community service and philanthropic efforts. Thus far our chapter has raised over $18,000 (which is up from last year’s $8,000), and we are eager to reach $20,000 by the end of the semester. On top of that, the Beta Rho Chapter has partnered with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, Shodair Children’s Hospital, the Gallatin Valley Food Bank, and many others to help those in our community that are less fortunate. In the fall semester alone, our brothers completed a total of 1,236 hours of community service, which averages about 15.5 hours per brother. We are planning our next project, which will be a blood drive held at our house through the American Red Cross.


On top of all the work they do helping our community, our brothers also hold many ambitions within their personal lives. It is not uncommon to see a Sigma Chi sitting at the top of a student organization at Montana State. From the Interfraternity Council to the finance club, many of our brothers are involved on campus, and those that aren’t typically hold a job. Our brothers also continue to show a large involvement in intramural and club sports. The most notable of these are our brothers on the MSU club hockey team, who this year made it to the national championships. Overall, 86% of our brothers are involved in some other organization, which helps to ensure our values are well spread within our community.


Even with our brothers’ increased involvement within our community, they still hold strong in their academics; attaining a chapter grade point average that surpasses the all-men’s average GPA at MSU. In almost every way, our brothers have looked to apply the ideals of Sigma Chi within their lives and inspire those around them to do the same. It is obvious to anyone that spends time around the Beta Rho Chapter that our brothers are a united strength dedicated to fighting for what we believe to be just. In a time where many fraternities are seeing failure, the Beta Rho Chapter continues to see new success and stays strongly rooted in our ideals of friendship, justice, and learning.

In Hoc,
Brent Eaton ’19


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