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Ritchie Secor ’71 on the Importance of Giving to Beta Rho 


Ritchie Secor ’71 was a legacy of Sigma Chi fraternity when he came Montana State University. As the younger brother of Gary Secor ’68, Ritchie knew the benefits of the brotherhood and how supportive it could be for incoming students. “Gary joined Beta Rho while I was in high school and I met a lot of his friends,” Ritchie recalled. “I saw how much he loved the fraternity.” With his older brother’s encouragement, Ritchie decided to pledge Sigma Chi.

The comfort of the chapter house was incomparable for Ritchie, who saw his membership as a unique opportunity to meet great friends and learned values and ideals that he continues to live by today. He enjoyed attending chapter events and school-wide functions such as Homecoming, though the rock and roll band he played in with some of his Beta Rho brothers was the most fun. “Steve White ’71, Duncan Kippen ’71, Greg Rowe ’72, and I played together, even performed during Derby Days one year,” Ritchie stated. “I played the keyboards and harmonica mainly, but was also a vocalist.”

Memories and opportunities for current and future members is something Ritchie places in high regard, and having a suitable chapter house for which to create them is equally important. “Beta Rho’s house is over 50 years old and in dire need of renovation,” he shared. “The necessary upgrades are only going to come from alumni support.” Because he realizes the critical nature of alumni support, Ritchie was eager to contribute to the Honoring Our Past 100 Years: Beta Rho’s Vision for 2025 capital campaign.

“Anyone who attended Beta Rho’s centennial celebration last year would likely agree, today’s active chapter consists of outstanding brothers,” Ritchie explained. “We’ve received the Peterson four out of the past five years—the highest honor bestowed upon a chapter by the fraternity. The undergraduates are gearing up to try and win it again this year!” Enthusiasm and pride for Beta Rho is something Ritchie hopes his fellow alumni will reference and use as a motivating factor to give to Beta Rho’s Vision for 2025.

Now a retired bonds trader, Ritchie spent years working for a regional brokerage firm in Montana, D.A. Davidson and Company. “It was a phone job, which allowed me to work with other bond traders from around the country,” he said. “I loved it, and really got to know people because I spoke with many of them daily.” Today, Ritchie enjoys playing golf and darts, learning bridge from his wife of 40 years and Beta Rho’s Sweetheart of ’77, Marilyn, and playing music. You can connect with him at

A Centennial Gift to Remember
Gerald “Gerry” Steinbrenner ’81 on Giving Back to Beta Rho


As the grandson of a Sigma Chi from the Beta Delta chapter, Gerald “Gerry” Steinbrenner ’81 had a predestination that pulled him toward the fraternity. Both his mother and father were Greeks, and they encouraged him to get informed about the chapters at Montana State University and go through formal recruitment.

Sigma Chi stood out to Gerry because “its chapter house was a good source of camaraderie, brotherhood, and academic assistance,” he recalled. As an undergraduate, he always looked forward to Derby Days and cheering on the Cats.

Gerry found an outstanding mentor in his chapter advisor, Ritchie Secor ’71, and made friends out of Dean Stensland ’80 and Thomas Farago ’79—men he remains in touch with today. “Dean, Tom, and I had tailgate spots at the main entrance for nearly 25 years,” Gerry noted. “We still return to campus from Missoula for home games.”

The memories from Gerry’s active years and the friendships with his chapter brothers that have endured for decades are because of his membership in Sigma Chi. When Beta Rho announced their capital campaign, Honoring Our Past 100 Years: Beta Rho’s Vision for 2025, Gerry knew he had to help.

A capital campaign is an opportunity to express your commitment to, love for, and confidence in your fraternity, which Gerry believes is extremely important. “I revisited the chapter house at the 100th anniversary celebration,” he said. “It appeared to me that nothing had been updated since I entered college in 1977.” Seeing for himself that his beloved Beta Rho home was desperately in need of updating motivated Gerry to make a contribution to the chapter. Any size contribution is a huge help, and Gerry believes all Beta Rho brothers should consider giving to Honoring Our Past 100 Years.

Following his graduation from MTSU, Gerry enrolled in Gonzaga University’s law program, where he earned his juris doctor. He attended the University of Florida as well, earning his masters in tax law. “I now work in Missoula as a business attorney,” stated Gerry. “I have a mounted Bobcat in my office, which does not seem to adversely affect my business,” he joked.

Gerry is the father of adult daughters, Katie and Sydney, who both reside in California. When time permits, he likes to ski, fish, and travel. You can connect with him at

Lifelong Commitment to Sigma Chi Motivates Ryan Roseleip ’97 to Pay It Forward


The Beta Rho Chapter of Sigma Chi at Montana State University is composed of promising young men who are leaders on campus and are committed to the values of the fraternity. It is for these reasons Ryan Roseleip ’97 decided to join Sigma Chi, which turned out to be one of the biggest, and greatest, decisions of his life. “I looked at joining a fraternity as a great opportunity to grow my leadership skills, and Beta Rho was that place for me,” he says.

Ryan’s active years in Beta Rho were full of opportunities and benefited him well beyond the social incentives. Some of Ryan’s most formative experiences included campfires, bonding, and laughing with his brothers, as well as intramurals, Derby Days events, ritualistic meetings and Ritual Week. Brothers like Jason Warren ’95 (Ryan’s Magister) and all brothers who were committed to upholding the values of the fraternity made Ryan’s time in Sigma Chi a rewarding experience. But perhaps the biggest takeaway Ryan gained in Beta Rho was learning how to face the many challenges and obstacles he endured as an undergraduate. Ryan says, “I’m glad I faced those challenges earlier on, because I have come across many of those same challenges today.”

The love that Ryan developed for Sigma Chi has extended well past his undergraduate years. After graduating from MSU, Ryan worked for Sigma Chi Headquarters in Illinois for three years, which involved visiting 40 undergraduate chapters around the nation, working with these chapters on leadership development, running a successful chapter, promoting the values of the fraternity, and working with several chapters on expansion initiatives, discipline, and accountability. As an alumnus, Ryan continues to be involved with all things Sigma Chi, such as participating in Grand Chapter, Balfour Leadership Training Workshop, Mission 365 recruitment events, Alumni Ambassador programs, and more.

Because of Ryan’s unwavering dedication to Sigma Chi more than 20 years later, he views supporting Beta Rho’s Honoring Our Past 100 Years: Beta Rho’s Vision for 2025 campaign as second nature. As Ryan pays it forward to Beta Rho, he asks that alumni remember their years in the fraternity and how that experience has changed their lives. “Reflect back to what you wanted at that point in time as an undergraduate and some of the challenges we faced, and consider stepping up and supporting Beta Rho’s campaign. This is your opportunity to fulfill an obligation to provide current undergraduates with those things we wanted when we were in the chapter. This campaign will provide a location to grow the brotherhood, demonstrate that alumni are living the lifelong commitment to the fraternity, serve as a recruitment tool for the chapter, and a place that university administrators will recognize as a piece of the university.”

As a medical sales manager for the state of Wisconsin at Johnson & Johnson, Ryan sells general surgery, thoracic surgeon, and surgical oncology products. One of Ryan’s favorite highlights from his professional career with Johnson & Johnson is when his division ranked in the top 10% of sales teams across the nation in 2016, as well as when the company was considered the primary device vendor for hospitals in Wisconsin. “I enjoy the values of the company, the competition of sales, and being part of an employee-supportive environment,” he says.

In his free time, Ryan enjoys motorcycle riding, outdoor-related activities, traveling, and spending time with his wife, Kristin, and their 9-year-old daughter, Kennedy. They live in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. Ryan says, “Sigma Chi, with its opportunities as an undergraduate and throughout my career, has provided tremendous opportunity for personal growth, brotherhood, and the opportunity to be surrounded by people with similar values.” You can send Ryan an e-mail at


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